Everything starts with a first discussion (free of charge) in order to determin your needs and wishes and if and how we can intervene.

There is no one magic formula on how to proceed; everything depends on this first talk. The script doctoring can then take many different forms: a simple analysis and expertise of your project, one or more working sessions together during one, two, three days (or more) or an accompaniment during the whole process of writing and/or rewriting.

The Script Doctor can be consulted during all of the phases of a project: before writing, during the writing or rewriting, after a first shooting or following a first edit of the film. He is a consultant: he accompanies and advises, he analyses and expertises your project. He does not become the author in your place (unless you don't have an author for your project or if you are looking for a co-author...)

Every project is different and needs an approach adapted to the situation. That is what doc doc films proposes and together we determine the best way.