- Because you have a very good idea for a documentary film, but you have difficulties to turn it into a story.

- Because you have a good story, but difficulties to turn it into a proper project dossier in order to ask funding.

- Because you are a film director and not really an author.

- Because you finished most of the shooting but have difficulties with the editing of the material.

- Because you are the producer and you wish your author to be accompanied during the writing.

- Because you don't find funding for your project in its actual form.

- Because you have plenty of ideas, but not the time to write.

- ...

There are plenty of reasons for someone to be accompanied, to expertise your project, to get advice on its structure and/or the development of the project. An external and analytical look can give a (renewed) impetus to your project or simple move forward in its writing and structuring. Consulting doc doc films can help you out.